Teachers Who Use Laurus Wrote:

"It is simply the best tool I have ever seen in math education. It lifts the present-day student to heights of learning seldom seen in general math education. Students who up to now had failed badly at math are reporting back how they finally get the concepts and feel confident for once in doing math. Thank you for taking the effort to produce such a quality instrument and for making it so affordable. I highly endorse LaurusSoft."

"Thank you for providing a product of such high quality. The parents are pretty pumped about it, too. One of my students stayed up past 10 last night working on Laurus. His mom came in to scream at him for playing video games all night and almost fainted when she saw that he was actually doing math. I am totally enthused about this program and how it solidifies what I’m doing every day in class."

"I appreciate the friendly service and your efforts to create a quality program that is student and teacher friendly."

"The printable notes and the lessons are a great feature!"

"Every student that completed the Laurus component successfully passed the math AIMS in the fall."

"Students who up to now had failed badly at math are reporting back how they finally get the concepts and feel confident for once in doing math"

"I like that it reviews the material students will see on the end-of-year test and gives immediate feedback. Students can work at their own speed. Teachers can select parts of a strand and not all of it."

"I like the content and the layout. Using Laurus from the beginning of freshman year could really help students do well on their end-of-year test."

"I'm totally enthused about this program and how it solidifies what I'm doing every day in class"

"Although we implemented it late in the school year, I have seen drastic performance in student progress"

"The individual concept quizzes are awesome for mastering a concept!"

"The parents are pretty pumped about Laurus too!"

"I am grateful for this program. I am glad that we finally have it, and are seeing it work for us!"


Students Who Use Laurus Wrote:

"Laurus helped me improve and remember all the subjects that I learned in past years. I was able to see if I knew the material and learn what I was lacking in."

"It helped a lot because it was like a review for the AIMS and most of the question on the exam were like the ones I had practiced on Laurus Math."

"It helped me because it gave me more explanation than a teacher would. It went into more depth of the subjects I was learning. It shows you with the videos much better than in a classroom with a teachers. You get one on one education with Laurus."

"I used to not understand the lessons the teacher was teaching and now I fully understand what the teacher is saying."

"It helped me a lot because of the videos and the way the guy explains things makes it easy to understand and I liked that."

"I was not understanding stuff in class so coming on Laurus gave me a lot more help. My teacher is a very good teacher but sometimes I don't understand that much and by by being on Laurus everything is clear."

"It helped me because I had a hard time in class but when I got to Laurus it seemed to be easier to me. The notes helped me a lot when I did not know what I was doing. It also helped me on the things that I was not to good at."

"Laurus helped me to grasp concepts with visuals and notes that I didn't understand yet in the classroom."

"I was able to connect the quizzes I took with what was happening in my Algebra class. I just understood it better. It gave me a better understanding on some of the subjects in math."

"Laurus helped with problem-solving strategies as well as critical thinking that benefited my score on the AIMS test."

"The videos were very helpful. I am a visual person so I probably would have failed if the videos were not on the site."

"It made things simpler and way easier to understand."

"It gave extra insight on everything that not only I was learning in class, but also that was on the AIMS test."

"The notes and videos were really helpful in taking the tests. I still go back in my head and use them on my homework."

"Laurus is cool. It is a good way to study and prepare you for tests."

"It is an amazing program. Laurus rules!"

"A good tool that can lead to success."

"Laurus did help me realize what I really need to work on."

"Laurus is quick, easy, and at your leisure."

"Laurus is a great site."

"I learned a lot."